Come and Play

Bristol will be inviting the world to come and play, providing exciting, innovative and quirky environments in which to enjoy the World Cup. The city benefits from a diverse population; its multicultural society, open spaces and strong foundations in creative industries contribute to making Bristol a thriving social and economic setting for the worlds most watched tournament.

With strong roots in football, the area benefits from being at the real heart of sport. Bristol is an area where a real passion for football thrives. A passion that is not only seen through the city’s fans and their respective teams, but also through its extremely popular public leagues played throughout the city. Bristol’s Downs League alone consists of over 50 teams.

As the gateway to the South West, Bristol acts as a business driven and creative international hub located in the heart of some of the most celebrated countryside in Britain. The city is preparing to utilise its most powerful assets in welcoming the world to come and play in 2018. Bristol’s bid has a strong emphasis in inviting people from all over the world to use football as a means of enjoying the city’s full potential. Therefore, there is a huge focus on encouraging spectators to get involved in activities and games during their stay within the city. Football at all levels acts as a great ambassador for cultural diversity and will be the basis at the centre of Bristol’s bid.